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Tot és precís i ràpid. Correspon a la descripció. Recomanar.

Molt bonic i els bells colors em va semblar que el material era de cotó i la part superior, però no només la part inferior és de cotó, la resta és molt fina, però el material no és dolent, són súper elàstics, així que els recomano

El producte té un acabat d’alta qualitat, com tots els productes marca baseus. Funciona amb precisió, superant totes les meves expectatives. Val la pena.

Это потрясающе! Отличный гаджет!)))

Van arribar molt ràpid. Encara no els he provat. Però vaig pensar que eren absorbents i semblen repel·lir en lloc d’absorbir, però encara no els he provat.

Came the goods for 2 weeks, on Stavropol, thank you very much woopshop.

Item conform to the description fast and neat shipping, thank you woopshop

Great store sent fast product as specified

Good quality dress, neat seams, long bow to make a nice bow. For a 2 year old, the 3t waist goes well. Happy with the purchase, fast shipping.

its good work. delivery was very fast but i dont know how to use vertical mode. when i just rotate my phone to vertical, it cant endure then show error

Això és només el meu amor, la qualitat és excel·lent, demanaré més colors, queda perfectament, s’adapta a la talla 42-44, la longitud és curta, just a sota del melic El

Aquest paquet no té les estrelles, però en general un bon producte arribo a la comanda ràpida

I 've been using this product on Beth's hard and cracked skin for the last two nights. Starting to work is easy, and the best thing is that it does not smell bad like some products. Seems to be working very well.

I used my crack creams, and nothing helped until I got this cream. My heels were almost perfect after the first night! Surprisingly, I used it every day during the summer when my heels are naked and at worst. This cream saved life!

I don't usually spend time researching, but this cream is amazing. Two weeks ago, I had a thick peeling skin on the soles and sides of my legs, painful and cracked. In despair, I ordered this. 5 days after applying a large number of twice a day, only a trace of dry skin remained, cracks disappeared, pain disappeared, and I have about 3/4 left. I will continue to use it every day to keep my feet soft and never go back to dry skin.

Это здорово! Я ни разу не пользовалась кремом для ног за четыре дня и почувствовала такую разницу! Невероятный! Превосходно и искренне куплю снова. Это не дорого, но немного помогает. Улучшилось состояние ногтей и кутикулы.

I have very dry and very cracked heels-cracks often bleed. I have tried almost all the products on the market for many years, but found nothing that would help constantly.

An excellent product, which with regular use makes my dry and cracked feet wonderfully moisturized and soft. The texture is slightly greasy/grainy, but it allows you to massage the feet well when rubbing it into the feet. Socks are necessary after use, as the cream is very greasy. Baths last for a long time, as each application requires a little cream. Very pleased buyer!

I checked the foot, and the skin on the heel and the big toe is rough and cracked, so I tried this cream, without any regrets, it's a good effect. I use it twice a day for a week, now. One night, be careful not to be slippery, just a pair of socks. I highly recommend this product.

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